Romantic wedding is every bride want, simple style and pure style, wearing a lovely wedding dress can make you romantic in the whole wedding, then introduce several lovely plus size wedding dresses to you.

First, the mermaid wedding dresses

The material is satin, you can perfect show your figure, it's material is very clear, very light, very soft, and if it's studded with bright flashes of pearls, like the sea, beautiful like the mermaid in the sea.

Second, tutu wedding dresses

Tutu dress is a lovely example of wedding dress, layer upon layer, have the effect of dreamy, and it fits a lot of people's body, it is very fluffy skirt, great, can help you block your lower body fat, but only when the larger venues, it is suitable to wear it, very spacious place, if the wedding venue is small, do not wear, and get away, it is very suitable for a formal grand some wedding.

Plus-Size A-Line with One-Shoulder Neckline Wedding Dress

Third, slim style wedding dress

The skirt is not very fluffy, and it is different from tutu dresses, the only way to display the effect of self-cultivation, generally only build good bride, was suitable to wear it, and some narrow its upper body, tall people wear it very significant figure, usually some fat bride do not wear, and will seem very crowded, fleshy will drum out, very embarrassing.

Brides on the wedding dress can say is with the mind, a lot of brides say wedding looked very nice, but wore not so good-looking, in fact, just based on their body type and personality to choose the wedding dress, choose their own lovely wedding dress, it will be the most beautiful bride.


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